Electric vs. Regular Toothbrush? Which to Use?

Given the same amount of time, the electric toothbrush will be more effective at removing plaque than a regular toothbrush. That doesn’t mean that a regular toothbrush can’t perform as well. It can, but it will take more time and/or effort by you.

Children especially benefit from the use of an electric toothbrush. Their use of an electric toothbrush almost makes up for their lack interest, consistency and often times motivation to brush their teeth. It’s also easier to brush your child’s teeth using an electric toothbrush when you need to do it for them.

In the case of smokers and those wanting to remove stains from their teeth, an electric toothbrush is very often more effective.

The downside to using an electric toothbrush is that you must replace the heads as often as you do a manual toothbrush, which will mean a higher cost associated with brushing your teeth. 

Find what works for you and you will consistently use, that will always be the best choice.